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Pump of PHNIX energy-saving heat tastes Hua Dongnuan newly to connect the academ

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Our country Hua Dongnuan connects refrigeration learning communication to be able to be held in Hangzhou a few days ago, come from Zhejiang place and Hua Dong more than 200 buildings of each province warm place reachs a refrigeration designing institute domestic and international more than 30 buildings warm the delegate that tells refrigeration equipment to produce manufacturer attended this second plenary meeting. PHNIX (fragrance Buddhist nun overcomes at present) the group serves as guest of specially invite beautiful and principal sponsor to attend the meeting on invitation, jiang Deju of general manager of limited company of air conditioning of Ni Keci of chief delegate, Hangzhou fragrance, company sells old division of PHNIX Hua Dong ministry undersecretary Tang Wei attended the meeting on behalf of the group.

PHNIX plan

PHNIX plan

On this second congress, the relevant expert that Hangzhou fragrance Buddhist nun restrains limited company of at present air conditioning is the person that attend the meeting to introduce product of PHNIX new energy resources to apply a solution integratedly especially, this expert with PHNIX " hot pump of source of air of straight hot formula is triplex offer " for exemple, introduced this product to apply the characteristic of the solution integratedly in detail. It is reported, PHNIX " hot pump of source of air of straight hot formula is triplex for " series is a kind of refrigeration, make heat, provide hot water new-style and efficient energy-saving equipment. In project plan, PHNIX " hot pump of source of air of straight hot formula is triplex for " realize one machine completely multi-purpose, while the summer is satisfying refrigeration of indoor air conditioning to ask, make full use of air conditioning heat answers the hot water that harvests freely, in winter or transfer seasonal air conditioning need not when, aircrew is making hot water pattern next moving, assured round-the-clock below any climate conditions provide hot water, implementation refrigeration, make heat, make hot water 3 kinds of functions, and big political integrity made an appointment with the sources of energy, integrated can effect comparing is as high as 7.

In addition, the expert that comes from center of research and development of PHNIX new energy resources returned specially to introduce PHNIX card to heat up product of pump solar energy to apply a solution integratedly -- " center of PHNIX the sources of energy " and high temperature of PHNIX air source heats up pump " blaze King Kong " .

It is reported, "Center of PHNIX the sources of energy " it is a system that applies to heat source paralell connection to use, it is OK that besides hot pump system he is returned with system of heating of solid-fuel fired boiler, solar energy and oil (steam) boiler is used along with all the others. In addition, use statified heat system, solar energy falls in different temperature, can ensure statified water heats, arise quickly thereby available solar energy. Go after in everything perfect now, as the technology more hasten maturity and human nature change a design, PHNIX appears before domestic and international broad consumer will be one provides high-tech content, before the much heat source of look up sex applies a solution integratedly. Relevant authority thinks inside course of study, the boiler that system of heating of PHNIX solar energy and union of photograph of center of PHNIX the sources of energy replaced a tradition heats means. And another studies through old with great concentration the high temperature of PHNIX air source that development goes heats up pump " blaze King Kong " series, can great the sources of energy that improves our country uses efficiency. It is reported, temperature of water of line out of this aircrew eye 55 ℃ ; Annual of product thermal efficiency is in on average 300% above, and the thermal efficiency of boiler won't exceed 100% . With fuel,
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