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Designing institute of Zhejiang of deep blue air conditioning popularizes meetin

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Bear of company of deep blue air conditioning makes the same score total industry to address oneself

On July 18, 2008, beautiful heaven Hangzhou, designing institute of deep blue air conditioning popularizes meeting success to hold. Li Xu of ministry of business management of mainland hope group's new minister leads a team to attend this second meeting, move company chief engineer Mr Xiong Ziping one case with deep La Kong, the relevant circumstance such as the technical product that to nearly 200 stylist that come from Zhejiang and circumjacent area deep La Kong moves a company made systematic introduction and development communication. Air conditioning technology, product reachs relevant application, groundwater to answer the systematic solution such as fill to generate strong interest in the center of the hot pump of water land source that the person that attend the meeting brings to company of deep blue air conditioning, demand company data in succession, refer pertinent question, spot atmosphere is very dynamic.

Li Xu's new minister publishs a theme to make a speech

To promotion meets designing institute, it is well-prepared that deep blue air conditioning can say. Be in early 2001, the company is certain market business chance, the branch was established quickly in Hangzhou, the designing institute that is Zhejiang and air conditioning user offer 0 distances to serve. Pass a few year accumulate and develop, deep blue air conditioning stopped in the market not only calcaneal, and pump is heated up in water land source the promotion respect of central air conditioning from " eat crab the first times " became " get run brand " . Among them carry on promotes world trade centre to become place to indicate the gender is built; Peaceful wave Yinfeng spends rockery village (5 stars class) obtained a government energy-saving project award is honorary, acquire project amount the energy-saving award of 8% ; The bromic aircrew changing lithium of the company infiltrates smoothly also local market, succeed to be stationed in those who be known as commercial aircraft carrier " Changjiang Delta rub Er " shopping square... now, the market that the company is leading better technology, better product and better service to come to this to Zhejiang be familiar with again, accept again examine and challenge.

Before the meeting, li Xu's new minister, Xiong Ziping always is versed in the dean of as main as place still designing institute, total industry had special communication, reach a lot of consensus, both sides expresses will rebuild after Sichuan calamity wait for respect coact, joint efforts!

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