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Earth - hot pump of gas land source devises example

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The example of article intermediary carry on all is Chinese earth - the successful example of system of air conditioning of changes in temperature of hot pump of gas land source, these 3 demonstrative projects all carry movement a few years all the time barrier of normal, stable, without reason. Their summer all maintains it is under 26 ℃ , winter maintains in 20 ℃ above, the heating that exceeds international regulation is indoor temperature 16 ℃ above, refrigeration is indoor 27 ℃ spend temperature the following standard.

Practice makes clear earth - air conditioning photograph is compared in the center of hot pump of gas land source and tradition have competition ability very much.

1System of surface water type

This project is located in Guangdong province favour smooth city good people is pressed down on the west, water of the companion that depend on hill, environment is beautiful, to go vacationing summer resort. If use means of traditional air conditioning, Aircrew of type cold water, such not only cold water aircrew, AndWait for equipment to need to take up very large interior space, and the waste that can generate certain the sources of energy; Aircrew of cold pattern cold water still meets wind to had caused high temperature likely below the circumstance with the exorbitant temperature outdoor to stop machine protection, cause in the temperature outdoor highest circumstance falls however cannot effective refrigeration, and can effect is smaller.

Talk from Party A angle, be badly in need of means of a kind of air conditioning can solving refrigeration already, can solve again make heat, and it is environmental protection of a kind of green model, invest exercise of little, carry to use the air conditioning product with low cost. According to the condition of the place that Party A provides, have a creek from place of rice of this building 7-8, summertime brook is average 26.450C of water Wen Wei, winter brook is average 230C of water Wen Wei, accord with earth - the earth's surface of hot pump of gas land source shows heat exchange condition.

Its project survey is as follows:

Project name: Bathhouse of area of hot spring bath earth - gas land source heats up pump project

Project brief introduction: This project is two buildings. One by room of the office, medical treatment, bathhouse, bathroom, apartment, 2 by bathhouse, bathroom. Building gross area is 2950m2. This building chooses system of central air conditioning, namely summer offers heat addition of cold, winter.

Design a principle:

System of an air conditioning will use the United States to hold ground formerly - system of hot pump of gas land source
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