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Land source heats up introduction of aircrew of pump hot water

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Aircrew of water heater of land source hot pump also can call land source to heat up machine of pump hot water, fountainhead to heat up pump aircrew of hot water of central air conditioning.
One, land sourceHeat up machine of pump hot waterOverview: Land source (fountainhead) aircrew of hot pump hot water also calls water -- hydro-thermal pump system, it is to use resource of the heat of the earth's interior, be in Euramerican the development history that waits for a country to already had 30 years, it is technology of a kind of mature and reliable heating, refrigeration, efficient and the free, security that has resource more, environmental protection, energy-saving, but second birth is used wait for function, already got be used extensively in a lot of worldwide countries. Aircrew of hot water of land source hot pump is to absorb source of Euramerican state ground to heat up pump new technology, according to Chinese national condition, the land that uses subterranean shallow-layer can resource a kind can heating (or make take life hot water) , what produce cold water again at the same time is efficient and energy-saving warm open facility, have replace urban heating power to be in charge of net and boiler to be used at heating to reach make the new generation product that takes life hot water.
2, Land sourceHeat up pump hot waterAircrewWorking principle: The low grade quantity of heat such as water of lake of river of soil, surface water, river, will useless hot waste water " take " inside the building that comes out to pass aircrew of hot pump water heater to deliver need heating or in cistern of life hot water; Or will build especially medium quantity of heat through heating up pump aircrew " take " come out to transfer soil, groundwater to wait low in tasting resource, hot pump aircrew does work through inputting a few electric energy to drive compressor, transfer low grade heat source to high grade heat source. Land sourceHeat up machine of pump hot waterHeat up pump unit share: Land source hot pump absorbed the caloric in the resource such as soil, surface water to heat up commutative medium to enter the evaporator in hot pump unit, the refrigeration agent in circular pipeline absorbs the quantity of heat in medium, classics compressor undertakes compression, temperature can rise to 40~90 Celsius, in making cryogen enter condenser after that, in making the quantity of heat that emits when cryogen condensation deliver water, transmit through circular pipeline medicinal powder in hot system or cistern of heat preservation of lay aside existence. Land sourceHeat up pump hot waterAircrewTerminal system: 1, aircrew of use heat pump is made take life hot water, must provide box of corresponding heat preservation hot water and link of aircrew of hot pump water heater.
2, heating of aircrew of hot pump of use land source, the user can choose those who include a tradition to come loose hot system and floor come loose hot system, facilities of fan coil terminal and matched stack of hot pump machine are covered.
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