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Land source hot pump is energy-saving basically reflect

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Land source hot pump is energy-saving and main reflect these sides: The cold heat source of system of land source hot pump is to use resource of subterranean shallow-layer terrestrial heat can heat addition but the system of efficient and energy-saving air conditioning of refrigeration. Land source hot pump passes an input a few high grade the sources of energy (electric energy) , realize microtherm heat energy to high temperature move. The Leng Yuan of the heat source that the ground can regard hot pump as heating in winter respectively and summertime air conditioning. Its energy source is microtherm heat source, do not have pollution to the environment, efficiency is tall, can get used to the environmental protection of building refrigeration and heat addition, energy-saving requirement very. Land source heats up pump system to form: Sumbersible pump (fountainhead heats up pump) or bury a canal (land source heats up pump) , circular pump, extreme (heat addition: Floor heating, refrigeration: Fan coil) , did not cool tower, without pollution, managing the sources of energy; It is a good project that deserves promotion.
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