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Sewage source heats up the characteristic of pump

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Because sewage source heats up pump technology to use sewage to serve as the refrigeration of air-conditioner group to make hot source, so its have the following advantage: 1. Belong to but second birth the sources of energy uses source of technical   sewage is industrial generation liquid waste commonly, its source is relatively steady, do not suffer time and seasonal effect, water quantity is basic also and constant, as long as temperature is proper, will be the cold heat source with good air conditioning. Want a factory to maintain production only, the source of sewage will be very steady. Accordingly, sewage source hot pump can be called but a kind of technology of second birth the sources of energy. 2. The temperature that runs system of water of source of sewage of stable and reliable   does not suffer time and seasonal effect, stabilize relatively all the year round, its fluctuant limits is less than airy to change far. It is very good hot pump heat source and air conditioning cold source, water temperature spends more constant character, make hot pump aircrew runs more reliable, stability, also assured efficient sex of the system and economy. Nonexistent air source heats up the difficulty problem such as the winter defrost of pump. 3. Job of remarkable   hot pump uses environmental benefit electric energy, electric energy itself is a kind of clean the sources of energy, but when generating electricity, use up what the sources of energy brings about contaminant and gas of carbon dioxide greenhouse to discharge. The pollution of energy-saving equipment itself is so little. The electric power that designs good fountainhead to heat up pump aircrew is used up, with air source hot pump photograph is compared, be equivalent to reducing 30 % above, compare with electric heating photograph, be equivalent to reducing 70 % above. Fountainhead heats up the refrigeration agent that pump technology uses, can be R22 or R134A, R407C and R410A replace pledge in all. Of aircrew of fountainhead hot pump move without any pollution, can build inside residential area, did not burn, without smoke evacuation, also do not have litter, do not need to pile up the field of fuel trash, and need not remote carry quantity of heat. 4. Move reliable, the answers fill and surface water pollution question that nonexistent pollution and two when answer the problem of fill to use fountainhead to heat up pump serious problems are groundwater, and use sewage source to heat up pump to need not answer fill, need nearby to discharge only, and sewage disposal must be done before discharge, pure the charge of brushstroke a huge sum that after doing sewage disposal, be being discharged can be manufacturer, and if can use the water after processing with air conditioning, solved pollution and the problem that answer fill not only, return the economic burden that will reduce manufacturer, change to bring benefit for manufacturer. 5. Run   fountainhead automatically to because operating mode is stable,heat up pump aircrew, can design simple system so, the part is less, aircrew moves simple and reliable, uphold charge low; Automata rate is high, service life is long can achieve 15 years of above.

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