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Land source hot pump is perpendicular the actor defect of annulus road

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System of heat exchange of land source hot pump can be in various structures installation. System of route of the annulus that shut type by a series of in clay burying medium, pond or laky medium conduit is formed. Road of annulus of land source hot pump is OK the Kong Zhong that laid been gettinging (perpendicular with horizontal annulus road) or pond, laky in (pond annulus road) .

What the project of the commerce of air conditioning of hot pump of source of most use land and orgnaization uses is perpendicular close annulus road. System of perpendicular annulus route is a conduit built-in and perpendicular the Kong Zhong that gets, its advantage depends on covering an area of an area the requirement is lesser. Want to consider the following factors when field of road of design underground annulus: The total demand of heating and refrigeration, can use space and bore condition. Although the ground of road of every perpendicular annulus is not quite same, but normally a bore (a loop) assume a ton supply warm refrigerating capacity. Between bore normally each other be apart 4.5 meters, so that make,the mutual influence between road of photograph adjacent annulus falls lowest. The diameter of conduit is normally 20 to 32 millimeter. Use arenaceous stone grout or other next sealed filling fills up from bore bottom bore, make there is strong interface all round conduit, can ensure surface water won't flow into subterranean aquifer directly again at the same time. In next bore, canals, after filling up a few working procedure complete drill, provide the conduit in every bore and horizontal conduit and market again join rises. Should provide link with a few collect normally conduit of each paralell connection.

Land source hot pump is perpendicular annulus road defect:

Charge invests first tallish

Land source hot pump is perpendicular annulus road advantage:

1. moves reach uphold charge low
2. covers an area of an area lesser
3. winter need not assist heat source
4. does not produce any pollution
5. energy-saving effect is apparent

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