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Land source heats up craft of nest of pump underground heat exchanger

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Heat exchanger of underground of land source hot pump and building the nest craft of picket radical

Summary: The perpendicular means that bury a canal has land source hot pump the good point with heat exchange high efficiency, but because drilling construction cost is higher and application is restricted. Make full use of build picket radical, lay inside diaphragm wall of prefab canal picket, perfusion picket, underground U heat exchanger tube, but working procedure of dispense with bore, the construction cost that reduces subterranean heat exchanger greatly and reduce the investment at the beginning of the system.
Keyword: Land source heats up pump; Subterranean heat exchanger; Perfusion picket; Prefab canal picket; Nest craft

Land source heats up pumpWith its efficient, environmental protection, energy-saving wait for a lot of advantage development is swift and violent, representing energy-saving model the development trend of central air conditioning. Land source hot pump has perpendicular a variety of application means such as the type that bury a canal, surface water type, groundwater type. Among them the perpendicular means that bury a canal has heat exchange efficiency system of heat exchange of tall, underground covers an area of the advantage with small area, but because invest first taller and application is restricted. House of drilling construction cost does not fall high is to cause taller main reason invests first.

Subterranean heat exchangerWith the building picket radical nest, lay inside diaphragm wall of prefab canal picket, concrete perfusion picket, underground namely U heat exchanger tube, working procedure of dispense with bore, managing construction cost, more the can valid area that uses building motherboard to fall. In the meantime, because the span of picket radical is bigger, the mutual hot influence of U heat exchanger tube is almost 0, the operating mode of subterranean heat exchanger is more stable. The promotion of this kind of technology will accumulate small, cubage to lead tall building to provide new applied space for greenbelt face, be sure to make the applied model with the perpendicular new way that bury a canal.

One, craft introduction

Soil of peaceful wave area is perpendicular distributing to basically can differentiate it is 4: Claypan of claypan, silty layer, opaque and powdery sand bed. Layer of this area earth is softer and ply is big, reason building must use deep base, building foundation is with prefab canal picket and perfusion picket are given priority to, use subterranean heat exchanger and structure aptly the nest craft of picket radical.

1, the U inside prefab canal picket heat exchanger tube lays craft

Prefab canal picket basically is ferroconcrete sincere picket or empty canal picket, also have stake or steel stake. Be in charge of stake stake to be in charge of a diameter for nothing among them general 400mm, 550mm, tube wall is large for 80mm, intermediate cavity diameter is 240mm, 390mm, the U that set sheet heat exchanger tube or double U heat exchanger tube can be buried inside cavity, achieve the goal of economic construction cost.
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