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Fountainhead heats up pump concept principle and classify

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Fountainhead hot pump is one kind uses earthly surface or shallow-layer source of water (mix like groundwater, river laky) , fountainhead of artificial perhaps second birth (tail water of industrial waste water, terrestrial heat) already but heat addition but the system of efficient and energy-saving air conditioning of refrigeration. Technology of fountainhead hot pump uses hot pump aircrew to realize microtherm heat energy to high temperature move, the Leng Yuan of the heat source that can part water system and layer harbour to serve as heating in winter, summer and air conditioning, be in namely winter, take the " of quantity of heat in water system and layer " comes out, after raising temperature, supply is indoor heating; The summer, take indoor quantity of heat, in releasing water system and layer, go.

From academic angle for, the target that should use is water system and layer (hydrous layer) harbour can, and it is the cold heat source that regards hot pump as aircrew with water when supply carrier, OK will classify heats up pump system for fountainhead.

According to ASHRAE Handbook: HVAC Applications. (1995) classification, differ resource of ground heat energy by temperature limits cent is 3 kinds, among them source heats up pump application kind two kinds of kind that included fountainhead to heat up pump: Groundwater source and upper fountainhead heat up pump.

The face heats up pump application means to make corresponding introduction to two kinds of fountainhead below:

Groundwater heats up pump system

Groundwater heats up pump system, the deep well that says normally namely answers fill type fountainhead to heat up pump system. Through building pump water Jing Qun takes out groundwater, carry heat exchange 2 times or send to fountainhead to heat up pump aircrew directly, classics extraction quantity of heat or after releasing quantity of heat, by the Jing Qun that answer fill fill answers underground.

Surface water heats up pump system

System of upper hydro-thermal pump is the kind that carries direct and draw-out indirect perhaps heat exchange, use include water of Jiang Shui, river, lake water, reservoir water and seawater to regard hot pump as cold heat source. Vest in fountainhead heats up pump means.

Additional, it is OK also that the subterranean fountainhead in fountainhead hot pump heats up pump means range underground is seasonal harbour can use a field. Country of part of Ou Jizhong Europe advocates north use shallow-layer terrestrial heat and subterranean harbour to be able to offer wintry summer heating and air conditioning for the building, these countries pay close attention to underground more seasonal harbour can apply, made the classification that place laying a plan shows:

Come from the principle say, aquifer harbour can apply domain and deep well to answer fill type fountainhead to heat up pump means to have a lot of same place, both principle of the construction craft of involved systematic underground share, design and relevant theory are roughly same. Boreal Europe and in Europe part country to aquifer harbour can a lot of achievement that use research can try draw lessons from, application answers fill type fountainhead to heat up the relevant application of pump means and research at deep well.
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