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Expert: Problem of quality of? of board of Piao of an ancient type of spoon and

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In recent years, the ground warms the industry can say is development rapid, compare with the photograph when just entering the market, also had been agreed with by more and more consumer place. Accordingly, more problems also subsequently and come. To consumer, what pay close attention to most at present is the problem such as the quality that warms about the ground and after service. For example: Mostly warm manufacturer is affirmatory guarantee " 50 years " , but can you use 50 years really? In using once appear problem, what kind of service should manufacturer provide again? Be aimed at these problems, the expert points out: In recent years, no matter look from material, technology or construction, the ground warms the development of the industry is rapid really. But also developing because of this kind of express, very possible meeting brings a lot of hidden trouble to this industry. For example: The problem on construction quality or after service. However, these problems not allow to ignore, should get the personage inside course of study takes seriously enoughly more. The customer that   great majority guaranteed to had used the ground to warm after ● ground knows the ground to warm urgent need makes work at the beginning of consumer of   of ● of warm current situation has not discover any problems possibly, but concerned expert tells a reporter, that is the time that uses because of everybody is compared generally short, so the problem has not appeared, cross the left and right sides 3 years two again, do not pass the product that involve a lot of more possibly on quality, the problem can erupt centrally. Because, the ground warms with its his project differs, pipe is a shop below the floor, can saying is absolutely " recessive project " . And this " recessive project " what also make a person the badliest anxious most is " slack leakage of electricity " problem. Once such problem happens, not only accident dot is searched rise already complex bother again, must lift whole floor, ability undertakes checking the work, and remedy not easily also. On this one problem, the expert warns customer, if want to avoid problem happening as far as possible, above all, want to make clear whether Chu Jiali suits to do the ground to warm. Because the ground is warm,using going up also is to have certain condition and demand, the house that exceeds 120 square metre commonly suits to use the ground to warm quite, cross little room and do not suit to use. Because use the confine that go up, groovy heating pattern fits more between kitchen and Wei Yu, suit to use the ground to warm not quite. Next, must choose to have the old brand of safeguard quite. Because warm of manufacturer acceptance is to protect 50 years mostly, and once appear,the ground warms the problem is met again very troublesome, so scarcely should pursue temporarily cheap, infinite trouble is brought after giving. If the question happened really, not random also condition, want to find a way that can maintain self interest as soon as possible. If buy when it is clothbound is repaired, compare save worry, can seek property directly, let they and relevant manufacturer connection, undertake examining as soon as possible, maintenance and compensation; If be bulk,compare a trouble, want to be contacted in time with the businessman, have relevant maintenance and compensation according to the contract next. Accordingly, when the contract is being signed before must careful. Malign competition of   of ● of ● ground warm industry appears the expert in accompanying potential crisis   to interview points out: The ground is warm the advantage that has it really, but because the development time in China is still short, have not mature on technical construction so. With the ground condition looks, developing too quickly to also be not is a favour. Because a lot of potential crises also existed inside this. Common ground is warm be in 50 yuan / square metre above, but very much now businessman to grab the trade, price depress, come so a lot of flaw can exist on material and construction, the quality question in using is inevitable also. Such malign competition can warm to the ground the future of the industry buries next infinite hidden trouble only. So, will tell as the businessman, should observe industry standard strictly, shun stuff unqualified, construction non-standard, design is unreasonable the happening that waits for a series of problems. Put an end to the malign competition of industry interior even, assure good after service, do what one says, do not boast absolutely exaggerated. The ground is warm belong to " recessive project " , link of any of material, technology, construction, design cannot heating of careless   floor falls from the foot warm up, the bedroom uses means of this kind of heating to meet very because   of Shu Shuang uses the confine that go up, the ground does not suit to warm instead between Wei Yu

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