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Fountainhead heats up pump: Can develop energy-saving way new way continuously

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Our country is energy consumption big country, build specific power consumption to occupy the close 1/4 of countrywide specific power consumption among them. Look from the angle that can develop continuously, use but second birth the sources of energy, raising the sources of energy to use efficiency is carry out fulfil scientific progress view, go can develop viatic continuously important way.

In seawater accumulate contained heat energy is typical but second birth the sources of energy. "In the center of seawater air conditioning " a kind when regard ground temperature as system of central air conditioning, be but one kind of second birth the sources of energy uses means, also be air conditioning of a kind of refrigeration of green heat addition that has sense of energy-saving, environmental protection system. Our country coasting is longer, a few coastal cities already began to plan to use briny fountainhead to heat up system of pump air conditioning to provide cold, heat source for construction, with managing the sources of energy, reduce pollution, serve the construction at zoology city.

With ground temperature central air conditioning namely aircrew of fountainhead hot pump is right water of recycle of water of city life sewage, river, lake water and industrial waste water, oil field undertake more than heat reclaim, without combustion process, do not discharge liquid waste, waste gas, trash, energy-saving reach environmental protection beneficial result very apparent. Current, "Technology of fountainhead hot pump " architectural waits in village of office building, guesthouse, hospital, restaurant, villatic, residence wide application is receiving increasingly in refrigeration, heating and the actual project project of the air conditioning central; At the same time as " energy-saving decrease a platoon " the ceaseless development of consciousness that rise ceaselessly and works, fountainhead heats up pump to also applying at labour amateur hot water stage by stage reclaim use, apply at the industry such as oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, spin, food gradually.

Seawater piece: Seawater also can be done " air conditioning "

"Need not coal, need not oily, need not burn gas; Not smoke evacuation, not cuttings pick-up, 0 pollution " , can offer cold, heat addition for the building already, still can supply life hot water, this is briny fountainhead hot pump offers technology of cold heat addition, namely we often say " in the center of seawater air conditioning " . "In the center of seawater air conditioning " systematic application, indicate irrigation works uses the sea of an our country to already crossed world advanced cavalcade.

The boiler that in Shandong sea this world hotel of state guest seascape works is versed in old master says: "In the center of seawater air conditioning " the investment of aircrew is used let him need not follow again " coal " contact with. As " in the center of seawater air conditioning " technical promotion is used, more and more boiler workers begin to leave gradually like old master " smother dust " .
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