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Bolabeier holds fountainhead to heat up communication of pump product technology

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Bolabeier (PolarBearEnergy) , devote oneself to to develop water of energy-saving environmental protection as a major / the equipment supplier of product of land source hot pump, in extend market sale network stage by stage while, strengthen the education of technology talent ceaselessly. On June 27, 2008, bolabeier the company is numerous a senior engineer, the engineer after including engineer of research and development, product engineer, systematic application engineer and carry out organized fountainhead to heat up pump product technology to groom jointly.

To new-style technology enterprise, professional degree decided the competition ability of the enterprise. Rich pulls shellfish Er base oneself upon to pledge at optimizing product of product function, safeguard quantity, raise network of applied technology, perfect service to promote a brand image. Domestic source of water heats up pump technology to develop through old research, had entered a relatively mature phase. Groom this, each personnel such as management of carry of technology, market, carry out hind, battalion explains through the expert, communication study, also put forward such one thinks: How is the product Bolabeier does numerous fountainhead show itself in hot pump brand? How to build a business competition ability of the first core?

Bolabeier is with this technical communication groom germinantly mechanism, main from the following two respects solve a problem:

One, in fountainhead condition appropriate premise falls, those who assure aircrew is efficient move.

Reasonable, successful fountainhead heats up pump system, besides depend on appropriate fountainhead condition, high-powered unit equipment is indispensable, this also is the one big challenge that equipment supplier faces. Be aimed at condition of the geographical environment with countrywide different each district, climate, raise aircrew to be in the technical applicability of different climate belt, different area, adjust measures to local conditions, be saleable satisfy the need, do ceaselessly do strong fountainhead to heat up pump market greatly, labeierli begs rich to wait for respect key to break through from function of product function, product, product application.

Bolabeier enters China oneself, fission type / integral type cold sirocco (type of refrigerating capacity 2.7kW~154kW) , whole / module type / screw type cold hot water (water of refrigerating capacity 5.3kW~2836kW) / the product advantage that land source heats up pump aircrew to mature by right of its, already successful autograph makes an appointment with China International to build artistic practice to exhibit, Han Dan railway station, protect interest 12 oak are manorial, bank the project such as building of dormitory of city highway bureau. Heat up pump product market to the fountainhead that expands with each passing day, bolabeier is changed with offerring difference, change subtly, high level product is company mission, in domain of new product, new technology, will ceaseless development satisfies what the market needs to have product of core competition ability: In aircrew form respect, of all sorts of type compressor use perfect with each passing day, aircrew of rotor, vortex, screw aircrew heats up pump domain to all occupy position in fountainhead, the user is OK the basis constructs scale of function, building, combine local fountainhead condition, economy is sound choice; Cold intermediary respect, divide outside using groovy labour to pledge, still took the lead in using labour of the environmental protection that do not have fluorine to pledge, the blame of tall tepid pump in all boil mixes labour to pledge, answer environmental protection call while, solved the problem of the on the low side of delivery temperature of wholesome hot water that exists generally now; To the choice of heat exchanger, integrated consideration produces the ingredient such as performance of cost, unit, applicable condition, outside be in charge of heat exchanger and bushing heat exchanger except the board type heat exchanger that uses convention, carapace, still developed heat exchanger of full fluid type to wait according to demand of area environment, user; On control system, strengthen compositive function, wait for a respect from pilot stability, dependability, accuracy, rise ceaselessly.
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