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Deep La Shuiyuan heats up pump aircrew classification and category characteristi

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Product brief introduction

Air conditioning is one kind is the system of motivation, efficient and energy-saving air conditioning that is carrier of cold, heat source with water with report in the center of fountainhead hot pump, circulate through compressing the refrigeration of refrigeration system and heat up pump loop, realize air conditioning offer cold with heat addition. The summer, water serves as cooling carrier. Belt of will indoor quantity of heat comes outdoor; Winter, water regards heat source as carrier, the action of the loop that heat up pump that adopts refrigeration system, send quantity of heat indoor. Its biggest characteristic is: User of each terminal air conditioning all is installed independently fountainhead heats up aircrew of pump air conditioning, water system all centers a setting. In the summer, those who send toward terminal of each air conditioning is not air conditioning cold water, however cooling water, winter, those who send toward terminal of each air conditioning is not 50, the air conditioning hot water of 60 ℃ , and need only 15---The heat source water of 25 ℃ low grade or labour amateur hot water.

Be in the area with resourceful groundwater, can make full use of shallow-layer groundwater resource, hand-in-hand travel answers fill completely; In inconvenience the place at using groundwater, the summer can use cooling tower to supply cooling water circularly, winter passes heat of hot water boiler, industry beyond to wait supply water of low grade heat source (15- - 25 ℃ ) . Because aircrew adopted special structure, make noise is reduced considerably, aircrew but park is indoor wait in toilet, ceiling, installation is agile. Aircrew configuration sets form of cabinet of style of coil of dark outfit fan, hoisting, horizontal, vertical to wait, choose neatly according to need, fountainhead heats up aircrew of pump air conditioning to be able to be used extensively at office building, guesthouse, bank, bazaar, school, villatic, apartment to wait. It is People's Republic of China cold to Xiaredong region builds JGJ134-2001 of energy-saving design standard, j116- - 2001 recommend use air conditioning implement.

One, aircrew of cold hot water

1. aircrew characteristic:

◆ is complete board type heat exchanger, the structure is compact, bulk small

Crust of ◆ complete stainless steel, modelling is beautiful, never rust, but outdoors installation.

◆ multiple sound insulation, noise low

◆ heats up pump heat addition, need not boiler

Condition of operating mode of 2. groundwater type:

◆ refrigeration operating mode: Use side temperature of pass in and out 12 ℃ / 7 ℃

Temperature of water of pass in and out of heat source side 18 ℃ / 29 ℃ are mixed 18 ℃ / 25 ℃

◆ makes hot operating mode: Use side pass in and out water temperature 40 ℃

Temperature of water of pass in and out of ◆ heat source side 15 ℃

Condition of operating mode of type of 3. water annulus:
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