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Area of Sichuan red layer uses land source to heat up analysis of pump geology s

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[summary] Sichuan visits red layer area is complete province population most concentration, economy relatively one of areas that develop. As the country " energy-saving decrease a platoon " of policy fulfil, if why apply advanced land source to heat up ground temperature of shallow-layer of interest of pump technology, reasonable development in this area can, already made task of a of geological worker important research. The land source that the article develops through be in typical area heats up proceed with of pump project experiment, condition of the geology that stresses pair of red layer areas, hydrogeology undertakes treatise, right the suitabiltiy that begins land source to heat up pump in this area undertook preliminary analysis. Sichuan visits red layer area is complete province population most one of areas that concentration, economy developeds. Tall difference of this area terrain is bigger, surface water resource is little and time space distributings not all, source of upper affluent river systems is short flow little, long drought is broken more stream, water level of great river great river is low, extraction has difficulty; Groundwater natural resources is meager, major area cannot use surface water and groundwater to use the land directly (water) technology of source hot pump, development and use shallow-layer ground temperature can. As the country " energy-saving decrease a platoon " the work up of policy, perfect and deepen, how to improve drill craft, reduce drill cost, apply advanced land source to heat up pump technology, sleave hair and interest shallow-layer ground temperature close in red layer area can, achieve finally energy-saving fall the effect of bad news, already made a when geological worker is faced with main task. Sichuan of 1 survey of red layer area visits red layer area is to point to plain in basin layer is cretaceous (K) and Jurassic (J) area, cent cloth cover accumulates one hundred and thirty-one thousand eight hundred Km2, 106 counties that involve 17 city (city, area) . Its geography coordinate is: The east longitude 20 ′ of 101 ° - 30 ′ of 108 ° , north latitude 00 ′ of 26 ° - 20 ′ of 32 ° . This area belongs to semi-tropical wet climate, suffer basin landform effect, cloudy mist, little sunshine, it is one of areas with domestic most cloudy day. The coldest month (in January) average air temperature 4 - 6 ℃ , the hottest month (in August) average air temperature 25 - 30 ℃ . This area belongs to catchment of the Yangtse River, river of river of Min river, Jia Lingjiang, Fu, a small bay in a river 4 big affluent shed classics whole area from north or boreal Xi Xiangna, infuse the Yangtse River. Configuration of landforms of area of red layer of province of Sichuan of 2.1 landform landforms accepts condition of 2 geology, hydrogeology He Yan sex controls tectonic framework. The basin is mid, dragon spring hill comes between Hua Yingshan, fix eyes upon the gules and upland country of a thousand li for, the construction that folds buy with arenaceous, mudstone denudes to be given priority to upland; Basin the eastpart part, hua Yingshan comes between Fang Doushan, to have distinguishing feature alone " plain cereal of mountain of Dong Ping travel " , gules arenaceous mudstone is between mountain upland and fore-and-aft valley. Area of basin week brim is low, Zhongshan. Gao Na of north of whole area terrain is low, river of a small bay in a river, Fu river, fine hill river, canal river from north on the west or boreal Xiang Na sheds classics whole area, development of dendritic water system. Net of heat addition heating plain in unplug with Nanhai in area continous this world, Lang be less than 500m commonly, relatively tall difference is less than 100m, region of true thoughts and feelings has 30 only - 50m, show finely upland terrain; In continous this world, Lang with north, altitude is more than 500m, relatively tall difference 100 - 200m, belong to small country body; Again northerly tall Cheng Jian is added, transfer gradually for ground of low, Zhongshan. Dragon spring hill is on the west side a north low hill of anticline of Dong Xiangling shape, altitude 800m is controlled, power low hill of shape of an arched roof is to far anticline, its are mid for karst trough valley. Edge river two sides has small area alluviation to make the same score dam (free beach and Ⅰ class terrace) with platform of hillock of delay of accumulation glacial water (Ⅱ - Ⅴ class terrace) .

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