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Compile " the practice of system of project of hot pump of Beijing land source a

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About collecting " case of project of land source hot pump " reach

Compile" BeijingLand sourceHeat up pumpThe project isAllPractice andAnalysis "announcement

Land source heats up pump each are relevant unit:

Be opposite to answer global climate is heated, alleviate energy crisis, develop and use but second birth the sources of energy times get attention.

According to Beijing " heat up opinion of pump system guidance about developing land source " , to 2010, beijing will build 30 million M2Heat up pump system project, heat up pump industry to bring good development good luck to land source undoubtedly, but also facing new challenge and test.

Land source heats up the common characteristic of pump project: "On the ground basic and identical, subterranean is basic sightless, and the key that subterranean part is influence benefit " . Be like: On the ground that system of land source hot pump designs, underground coordinates an issue, edaphic heat conducts mechanism to reach forecast computation, groundwater answers fill technology, how does air conditioning system develop optimal and energy-saving condition to wait a moment. To solve afore-mentioned problems effectively, only appoint can collect the hot pump system that completed before the bottom in March 2008 to hot pump industry especially project case. Declare constituent expert and case the enterprise at the appointed time joint joint hearing, analysis, the analysis of collect full and accurate reports. Pass the analysis of pair of project case and appraise sth through discussion, arrange the character of high grade project, play and inheritance its director; Be in to problem and hidden trouble project the pertinent question such as mode of design, installation, concept undertakes analysing, arrange Baconian piece improve an opinion, appear in the newspaper to Beijing develops and reform committee, heat up the progress with pump more mature and healthy industry at coach and promoting ground cause with benefit. In the meantime, compile afore-mentioned data that had arranged monograph " the practice of system of project of hot pump of Beijing land source and analysis " .

The high grade project that produces in declaring case carries out an unit, we will be special report Beijing to concern appoint, do, bureau, announce through relevant media. Develop the project of the mechanism to according with international cleanness, my meeting will assist his actively to be declared to international orgnaization, get additional (free) international capital.

Source of hope each district heats up pump business to cooperate actively to declare the job.

This book will be the monograph that land source heats up pump industry to emphasize practice and analysis, it is an industry the book of referenced reference books with material taken from various sources and arranged according to subjects with be in important from personnel of course of study in prospective practice. This book drafts in October 2008 the last ten-day of a month is published through the press, whole book predicts 350 thousand word, edifice of countrywide Xin Huashu inn, books have carry out.
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