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Land source hot pump is quantity of heat from low a heat source flow direction i

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Hot pump is in high potential energy procrastinate move below, quantity of heat from low a technology that heat source flows to exalted heat source. It is OK cannot direct

The low grade heat energy that use (abandon heat to wait like air, soil, water, solar energy, industry) translate into is available high potential energy, thereby

Achieve spare part high potential energy (coal, oil, natural gas, electric energy) purpose. The hot pump technology that uses low potential energy is OK and managing

Fuel, reasonable use the sources of energy, reduce environmental pollution, as energy-saving the way that pays equal attention to with environmental protection. Research makes clear, with the area

The specific power consumption of region boiler room is compared, the specific power consumption of the hot pumping station of same size: The water that use a river (6.6 ℃ of 5 ~ ) as low when heat source, year section

Coal rate is 12.68 ~ 14.08% ; With seawater (13.6 ℃ of 12 ~ ) as low when heat source, year section coal rate is 21.59 ~

39.98% ; With industrial waste water (20 ℃ of 18 ~ ) as low when heat source, year section coal rate is 39 ~ 39.98% . The efficiency of hot pump and

The construction is interior concern with the difference in temperature of the environment outdoor, difference in temperature is smaller, the efficiency of hot pump is taller. Research makes clear, from hot pump aircrew

Winter moves in in light of the angle of defrost, the use of air source hot pump not only concern with the temperature outdoor, and with the atmospheric outdoor

Have affinity to humidity, this restricted its scope of application greatly. Use land source to heat up pump system, compare as a result of edaphic temperature room

Air temperature is close to indoor temperature more outside, if the design is reasonable, land source hot pump can compare air source to heat up pump to have taller efficiency and

Better dependability. Additional, the thermal capacitance because of water of identical bulk discharge is airy 3500 times, water and the heat exchange result that make cryogen

Far good the convection heat exchange at air and refrigeration agent, because here source heats up the heat exchange coil of pump to want to compare air source to heat up pump,small Deduojudeyuan is heated up

The component of pump system makes its run charge to be able to be reduced lesser.

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