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Xinjiang A Ke Su: Dweller of village of side of technology of land source hot pu

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Enter the summer, the highest air temperature of city of Xinjiang A Ke Su has achieved 33 Celsius, the dweller that land source heats up pump technology to let Akesu need not air conditioning is cool and refreshing however one summer, indoor temperature has 20 Celsius left and right sides only.

Group of science and technology of environment of Er of Ai Ni dimension introduces Shandong grand force in Sunzhi, land source heats up pump system to carry the work of aircrew, will indoor quantity of heat carries the goal that achieves refrigeration thereby to underground, store the quantity of heat that rise can undertake heating in winter again, kill two birds with one stone. Indoor now temperature can be controlled arrive in 22 Celsius 24 Celsius, and moving charge has traditional air conditioning only 1/3 the left and right sides.

Technology of land source hot pump is to show the constant temperature groundwater such as the lake water in exploiting environment, river water is the sources of energy, realize cold hot exchange to undertake refrigeration makes heat. Natural resources of water of A Kesu area is abounded quite relatively, carry out but project of second birth energy is having huge to expand latent capacity.

The move of quantity of heat in summertime general building arrives in fountainhead, because fountainhead temperature is low, take away quantity of heat OK and efficiently; Winter water is warm taller than environmental temperature, and much quantity of heat is contained in water, hot pump system draws energy from inside fountainhead, draw quantity of heat by the loop of machine of hot pump refrigeration and after elevatory temperature, send in the building as deferent medium through air or water.

Liu Shurong of dweller of village of residence of bright phearl of charm of water of A Kesu town says, out is particularly hot now, but into the room immediately comfortable, very cool.

Because use land source to heat up pump technology heat addition to do not have combustion process, avoided to arrange soot and harmful matter, can improve atmosphere environment quality effectively, can be coal of managing standard of A Kesu city every year 7352 tons, reduce grey broken bits to handle 1451 tons, reduced compound of oxygen of 2 oxidation sulfur, nitrogen and suspension content discharge.

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