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Min administration seat of government heats up pump air conditioning to raise th

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Area of Shanghai Min travel appoint, district government announced a few days ago: Will strengthen further through 8 big move managing model governmental construction, strive inside year managing and public funds 5% above, support earthquake relief work with real operation. This 8 big move are respectively: Strengthen the resource such as water, report, paper managing and day-to-day management; Advance energy-saving purchase a system with green; Cut conference cost; Compress domestic abroad to inspect charge; Reduce official business to recieve charge; Reduce communication cost; Begin official business to use a car energy-saving; Strengthen assessment rewards and punishment. Afterwards industry cost can, commercial bad news can later, the bad news of mechanism courtyard can the problem is being paid close attention to increasingly. Waste common fault in the light of what mechanism middling sees, min travel area took the energy-saving management step of effective in recent years. It is official business uses a car above all, the needless specific power consumption that use a car and charge are blocked by firmly. Min travel area to mechanism 51 ministries and commissions did official business of industrial district of village of 13 bureau, towns, street He Shen to undertake reform with the car, evaluate in all deal with 1834 official business use a car. Whole area car changes expenses of transportation of official business of pay of the year before last year 123 million yuan, after the car changes, fall it is 77 million yuan, reduce expenditure 30% above. Office also strengthens management with the room, pass resource conformity, raise those who run public room effectively to use benefit, reduce building specific power consumption. To the program medium teenage activity center, library, archives and cinema are adopted " 4 houses syncretic " mode, share public office resource and the sources of energy. The energy-saving mechanism of innovation, become courtyard of office of Min travel district to advance energy-saving fall the capable method of bad news. Last year October, bureau of district office office management introduces contract the sources of energy to run way, the organization develops office building energy-saving transform a project, change energy-saving lamp many 8000, electric equipment of part of installation air conditioning and section report ark 143. According to guarding estimation, specific power consumption can be reduced after energy-saving lamp is transformed 50% , air conditioning specific power consumption drops 20% , predict annual but section report 560 thousand degrees, charge of electricity is managing 500 thousand yuan. Sheet of Zhang of charge of electricity shows, after transforming that month with respect to section report 39 thousand degrees of report. Next, will undertake 2 period transform, use lamp of satisfy the need of wind energy, solar energy, landscape lamp to try to transform, use intelligent report source control implement, reduce office equipment to need functional waste time. Advanced energy-saving model equipment, also used mechanism compound in. When maintenance transforms office building, traditional vitreous act wall is abandoned, convert energy-saving heat-insulating material, reduced air conditioning specific power consumption considerably; Central air conditioning replaces gyroidal set, communal door front courtyard increases chance of the act that install wind, new wind system adds big assembly room outfit is lukewarm control device; Fluorescent lamp chooses an electron energy-saving lamp, the floodlighting outdoor converts LED street lamp; Tap water bibcock uses inductive formula, water pump converts vertical pump...   is energy-saving fall of bad news " free movement " , be in in succession the area is started in each mechanism. Area Bureau of Finance overhauls the system that use water in the round, shut car to clean with faucet, two months are managing with water 750 tons. Area committee of science and technology uses office of house of area science and technology, mechanism the room to include energy-saving transform pilot project, after predicting to transform but integrated and managing specific power consumption 30% the left and right sides. Area archives bureau kept land source is used to heat up system of pump air conditioning in central construction in archives, make archives storeroom is built but utilization rate of second birth energy achieves 70% above, systematic power consumption predicts to be able to be reduced 60% . According to introducing, min travel area built invite public bidding early to bid platform of unified and public service, service of equipment of eye of progressively project of budgetary unit construction, will solid item, office, the people's livelihood bring into platform, undertake invite public bidding bids centralized, certain result was obtained in respect of funds of managing mechanism administration. 2005-2007 year, the government purchases a budget to plan fund 4.5 billion yuan, actual purchase 4.03 billion yuan, accumulative total is managing capital 470 million yuan, managing rate is 10.4% . Meanwhile, area quadruplet team leads set oneself an example to others, take the lead in implementing concerned provision, reduce make an on-the-spot investigation recieve fare level, compress make an on-the-spot investigation recieve amount and dimensions. 2007, official business of leader of area quadruplet team recieves cost comparing to go up year dropped 30.2% . Executive authority abroad inspects whole area charge, decreased than the year before last year last year 25% ; Home makes an on-the-spot investigation and recieve charge, decreased than the year before last year last year 40% .
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