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Air conditioning is started in the round in the center of source of soil of firs

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Learned from relevant unit recently, air conditioning will be started in the round on July 1 in the center of source of soil of millennium international village, this also is indicating the village that Qingdao city introduces shallow-layer soil the sources of energy first times to undertake refrigeration heat addition is comprehensive build. Environmental protection of Qingdao town building is energy-saving technology go up again a step. Olympic Games of manorial, Beijing compares the president of Bush of president of United States of it is reported each competition ground house is used likewise " system of source of American WFI soil " central air conditioning. This kind of air conditioning is not only effect is managing the sources of energy and environment of OK and effective protection.

Can see in the spot, air conditioning lead plane is built in the subterranean garage of the village in the center of the edaphic source hot pump of millennium international village, it is one kind can make full use of subterranean shallow-layer soil serves as cold heat source, in the center of the new energy resources that in wintry summer two season are dweller heat addition and refrigeration air conditioning system, every resident is indoor the air conditioning system that sets independence, can undertake dividing a control. According to millennium international village relevant chief says, the temperature of subterranean soil is in commonly 10 ℃ - between 20 ℃ , relatively stable. The refrigeration, ability that make heat wants than traditional air conditioning tall, and charge wants than traditional air conditioning low much. Energy-saving effect makes hot way than current and traditional refrigeration energy-saving 50% above. As we have learned when edaphic source heats up pump system to make heat in refrigeration, the energy of 70% originates soil, 30% come from electric power, this part electric power basically is used at the quantity of heat in soil " carry " to indoor. The water that air conditioning conduit relies on to flow will adjust temperature, repass blower is blown indoor. This kind of means not only can effective and managing the sources of energy, and offerring good refrigeration to make hot effect premise fall for the user, have better protective effect to the environment.

The reporter notices, every room installed a controller on wall body. Of indoor temperature litre fall, can adjust with this controller. According to introducing, use the room of this kind of air conditioning, the temperature in the winter can be controlled arrive in 18 ℃ between 20 ℃ , summer can be controlled come in 23 ℃ between 27 ℃ . At present millennium international village is mixed add up to a family to form a delegation overall investment uses air conditioning system in the center of edaphic source, nearly 400 dwellers can be used in this summer on this kind of new-style air conditioning

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