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City of business affairs of beautiful bridge international uses land source to h

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In July the intense heat of summer, in area of core of city of business affairs of international of bridge of elder brother pediment in selling office of garden of mattress international business affairs, the steam outdoor is threatening, indoor cool and refreshing however Shu Shuang. Host tells us, their air conditioning not bad news report, what use here is air conditioning of land source hot pump.

Use energy-saving land source to heat up pump air conditioning, it is an epitome that organisms' habits of town of business affairs of beautiful bridge international builds. City of business affairs of beautiful bridge international was approved to be provincial economy developing zone in August 2006, start new construction of round of development. Save the provincial developing zone that is dominant industry exclusively with contemporary service line of business as Jiangsu, a what kind of beautiful bridge to make? The policymakers of business affairs city decided should build business affairs wall the catalogue mark of the city of satellitic business affairs with Shanghai metropolitan international, be in large-scale in building a wall, chose to make exceedingly appearance this article, take the lead in building in the whole nation hard can last influentially domestic and internationally city of the zoology of development business affairs.

Make wall of zoology green business affairs, the program wants go ahead of the rest. They invite American wheat to agree early or late the domestic and international famous design such as easy morality of Tejinsi, Hong Kong, advisory company is opposite A of city of courtyard of plan of stannic company, Shanghai city, Singapore state, England the industrial development of business affairs city, total position, integrated traffic, , application of technology of will energy-saving environmental protection develops every link of construction to business affairs city. Business affairs makes clear a requirement in city program, should be protected and use existing water system, vegetation, compose builds good landscape ecosystem, implementation greenbelt rate is amounted to 40% , apply in the round solar energy, medium the zoology technology measure such as building materials of water treatment, green, the zoology that realizes an environment is changed.

The greenbelt of 40% is led, the beautiful bridge that means 50 square kilometer will have the area of 20 square kilometer to be enclothed by afforest place, what this should solve above all is the balance that development and afforest use the land. City of business affairs of beautiful bridge international in very little earth the circumstance of very little gold falls, the decision builds communal greenbelt with 626 hectare land. Recreational sightseeing is a batch of collect such as the beautiful brook park of the central park of the zoology garden that had planned 586 thousand square metre at present, 254 thousand square metre, 160 thousand square metre the large afforest project of an organic whole. Besides park greenbelt, still have main road afforest, bank water defends zoology forest, area of these two greenbelt in the plan and construction amounts to 5.94 million square metre. In addition, business affairs city passes high-level architectural to develop, managing project uses the land, raise afforest area, ask area project is reasonable use the resource such as top of housetop, building, the garden in open up sky. Large area develops subterranean space, managing come down use frequently at afforest to wait with the ground. We see in business affairs city, the subterranean space project of a 140 thousand square metre is in area of forerunner of business affairs city carries out construction, 3000 many parking space can be provided after this project builds, managing the ground that come out, will use at afforest entirely. Pass land to balance, business affairs city carried out large-scale forest nearly two years to make green activity, mixed last year only this year first half of the year, beautiful bridge adds afforest area newly 2.24 million square metre, actual afforest is enclothed rate had approached 25% .
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