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Hot pump of source of land of active promotion of company of power of the Gansu

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In recent years, company of power of the Gansu Province according to the country the deploy of network company, source of active promotion land heats up pump project. By June, service of side of demand of Gansu Province company upgrades in the action and electric power spot of promotion of energy-saving technology communication can be in piece of assist hold, come to company of power of bureau of self-communion environmental protection, province the unit such as company of development of manufacturer of pump of heat source of relevant personnel, part and news media, estate is represented in all 100 more than person attended the meeting.

On the meeting, gansu Province piece the promotion application case that company of assist power supply introduced land source to heat up pump project. This company passes the analysis of pair of potential markets in recent years, the application that heats up land source pump technology decides the stress that develops for the market, heat up pump manufacturer and estate development business actively to communicate with land source, build communication bridge to them, early days is developed in real-estate project, the good, manufacturer that has typical moving example and estate develop technology of hot pump of source of active connection land face of chamber of commerce, of project of facilitatingly source hot pump carry out. Heat up the development village of pump technology to using land source, use a project to dog system, intervene ahead of schedule, offer newspaper outfit to receive report " green passageway " , what appear in process of power supply project to the client is difficult, give in time coordinate and help, after service is strengthened after the project ends, understand heat source pump to use a case with owner connection regularly, coordinate the problem that solves existence of power supply link and difficulty actively. Through the ceaseless effort of faculty, up to by 2007. Piece source of land of company of assist power supply heats up pump user 11, with capacitance 5580 kilovolt are installed, heat addition area two hundred and eleven thousand seven hundred square metre, hot pump of source of 2007 year land uses phone nearly 2 million kilowatt hour. 2008 first half of the year, already decided 11 to use land source heats up the user of pump, 5475 kilovolt bring newspaper outfit total capacity, heat addition area is close 180 thousand square metre. Predict henceforth this project year will reach 4 million kilowatt hour with n.

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