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Store water type and the experimental research that heat up type land source to

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Li Shu grand Chan Kui Zhang Xiaosong

(Southeast university the sources of energy and 210096) of environmental institute Nanjing

Refrigeration journal. - 2008, 29 (3) . - 29 ~ 34

Summary: Right at present multiform water heater made economy analysis, analysing a result to show edaphic source heats up pump water heater is a kind of the most energy-saving water heater, the guesthouse that the quantity of heat that needs 3.382 × 109kJ to an annual will come to produce hot water will tell, need 1.507 × every year only 105 yuan moving charge. The basic former ­ that the edaphic source that studies to having a test heats up device of pump water heater manages and form undertook introductory, make hot water in hot pump to its store water type and heat up type namely the operating conditions of mode of two kinds of jobs undertook the experiment studies. Store the storage tank cubage of water type hot pump is 63.6L, hot pump is OK in experimental process heat the tap water of 26.3 ℃ inside 14 minutes 45 ℃ , heat inside 28 minutes 60 ℃ . The function that heats up type namely a bit under store water type, heat the hot water of same quality needs 16.3 minutes to 45 ℃ , need 29.4 minutes to 60 ℃ .

Keyword: Hot project learns; Land source heats up pump; Water heater; Economy analysis; Experimental research

Abstract Economic Analysis On Different Types Of Water Heaters Was Performed. The Results Show That Ground Source Heat Pump Water Heaters Are Most Energy Saving. 109 KJ For Water Heating of × of 105 RMB/year For A Restaurant Which Needs 3.382 of × of The Operating Fare Of A Ground Source Heat Pump Is Only 1.507. The Principle And Construction Of The Ground Source Heat Pump Water Heater Was Described, and The Experiment Of The Two Types Of Water Heaters Was Conducted. The Volume Of The Heat Pump Storage Water Heater Is 63.6 L, in 14 Minutes of ℃ of To 45 of ℃ of And The Heat Pump Can Raise The Water Temperature From 26.3, in 28 Minutes of ℃ of And To 60. The Performance Of The Instantaneous Water Heater Is Lower Slightly. To Heat The Same Amount Of Water, ℃ of It Needs 16.3 Minutes To 45, ℃ of And 29.4 Minutes To 60. 12Refs. In Chinese.

Keywords Pyrology; Ground Source Heat Pump; Water Heater; Economy Analysis; Experiment Study

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