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Demonstrative building of new energy resources cashs " green Olympic Games "

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From national priority discipline -- new energy resources of Beijing Olympic Games studies " demonstrative building " limited company of industry of solar energy of Beijing day general understands, collect photoelectricity, light is hot, Land source heats up pumpThe new energy resources of Beijing Olympic Games at an organic whole " demonstrative building " will be in the end of the year is finishing this year, the new energy resources of such high-tech content " demonstrative building " construction still is belonged to in the world first.

The cloak that block is surrounded in green in, "Demonstrative building " construction is undertaking in ground of in an orderly way. It is reported, "Demonstrative building " will become the new energy resources of Olympic Games village was built 2008 group experimental sample, this kind of building after be the Olympic Games offers proof in domestic promotion.

Cheng Cuiying of director of company of the general that seize a day introduces, "Demonstrative building " floor area is close 10 thousand square metre, by two 6 tall columnar building body is formed, collect new energy resources is revealed, meal, recreation, recreational, office, business lives the function is an organic whole. In demonstrative respect of project of science and technology, "Demonstrative building " outside be being designed except energy-saving building, still include item of science and technology of 6 new energy resources: Photoelectricity of ministry of 50KW science and technology and 863 solar energy bromine turn department of net project, science and technology lithium absorbs project of type heating air conditioning, Land source heats up pumpRefrigeration is heating system, hot the refrigeration that pump door uses the solar energy of layer of warm water system of life of wall of act of glass of refrigeration heating system, solar energy, top to add air source to heat up pump, heating, hot water is triplex for.

In these projects, guang Fufa report of system of hot pump of source of high temperature land, air source hot pump, 50KW and the net is current the popular scientific research task on international, and solar energy draws type refrigeration and solar energy and building band also because apply foreground good and get the attention of numerous expert and enterprise.

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