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Tianjin: Divinatory symbols kind is short of carbohydrate of border of numerous

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Current, service center project builds city of new student state to already neared end in. Build the project such as circumjacent land level off, afforest to be finished basically, in greenery in setting off one another, the service center that moves for mass-tone with tangerine is conspicuous all the more. Engineering personnel introduces, the exterior construction of this project ends basically already, interior is decorated enter final ending phase, laid of vitreous act wall ends, a string of 1 the top already also was finished, floor tile and material of stone establishing a range are hanged set wait for construction to spreading out at the same time. Power source of smooth hot season, Land source heats up pump, Sewage uses the technology of zoology environmental protection that waits for large quantities of one maturity to will be applied in this building circularly.

Meanwhile, square of landscape of rainbow big bridge, stereo afforest, 100 banners... , in the gate area landscape of city of new student state also is in in intensifying building. Enter the significant faction of zoology city as the outside, rainbow big bridge has been whitewashed anew, as mutual as nearby service center echo, bridge body color turned into by original big red tangerine, at present bridge floor is undertaking rebuild and clearing, after this still will install gorgeous night scene lighting. Side of rainbow bridge north, will make inside 600 meters of limits for the stereo landscape that gives priority to with afforest, in order to highlight the idea of zoology. Because so this plot is to bask in salt pond more, the installation discharging salt that already completed subterranean project because of this construction, current, one batch agrees with the tree that grows in drought and saline-alkali soil soil begins cultivated. In the meantime, 100 banners square still was installed inside gate area, flagpole shows arc to distributing, had established on square.

One of main artery of city of state of the new student in regarding as, of Chinese north road transform a project to also had neared end, plan general in June the copy is complete. Current, construction personnel is being spread on the road surface of level off set bitumen, can see in the spot, chinese north road is motor vehicle two-way 4 driveway, two side installed driveway of motor-driven of a blame respectively. Road east side, 3 square kilometer starts the area also has completed filling project.

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