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Xinjiang: Divinatory symbols kind is short of Xing of fall from the sky of sheng

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On June 23, the highest air temperature of A Kesu city achieves 30 ℃ , and stay in those who be in village of residence of bright phearl of charm of this town water Mr Dong home did not install air conditioning, indoor temperature has 20 ℃ only however. Indoor those who so easy temperature good profit is used at this village is new-style but technology of second birth energy -- land source heats up pump technology.

This technology not only can summer refrigeration, still can be in winter heat addition. Last year, mr Dong is moved into this village, come down winter not only indoor temperature got assuring, expend even central heating every square metre less than before also 3 yuan.

A few days ago, the reporter follows travel notes of world of environmental protection of hill of day of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region executes the law inspection team will to A Kesu area understand, this area is popularizing clean the sources of energy actively. Heat up pump technology besides land source, a Kesu area still started firedamp to generate electricity to wait for clean energy project with solar energy.

A Kesu area builds Kaisaier Yimidi of section chief of bureau program division to say, natural resources of water of A Kesu area is abounded quite relatively, groundwater reserves makes an appointment with 5.1 billion stere, water can reserves 3.97 million kilowatt, carry out but project of second birth energy is having huge to expand latent capacity.

As we have learned, a Kesu area already had two estate to developed a company to carry out land source to heat up pump technology project at present. A Kesu area builds bureau course to visit investigation to discover for many times, these two but of project of second birth energy carry out, the residential village that can make build year all managing standard coal 4700 tons, reduce carbon dioxide discharge capacity 1. 540 thousand tons.

According to introducing, current, the firedamp that A restrains limited company of Su Sanjiang breed aquatics generates electricity the project produced economic benefits not only, still solved an environment to pollute a problem; And the street floodlight that builds the 25 % in the project in the new rural area of A Kesu area will use solar energy

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