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Xinjiang carries out land source to heat up a variety of energy-saving act decre

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Xinjiang " travel notes of world of day hill environmental protection " working group of municipal National People's Congress ended by a definite date 12 days last weekend execute the law the examination works. The discovery in the examination, many ground city carried out border of north and south in succession hot pump of source of circular economy, land, building decreases a variety of energy-saving act decreasing a platoon such as the platoon, the effect is distinct.

The Inc. of course of study of reed of Xinjiang rich lake that is located in Er of autonomous prefecture library of Mongolia of arris of Ba Yin Guo to force city, ever was papermaking all right

General manager Song Zhimin is taking two bottles of color the water specimen of each different gives execute the law the staff member of inspection team looks. "Bottle is then black Brown is L of / of COD2800 m g , this bottle approximate and transparent is a course present alkaline reclaim the project is treated waste liquid, COD content is L of / of 450 m g only. " the reporter is close to opening to hear, a bottle waste liquid does not have peculiar smell almost after.

Song Zhimin says, course of study of rich lake reed throws 1 by 2006. 200 million yuan of mount a horse alkaline reclaim ability revises a project, threw 30 million yuan to undertake middle water ability changes first phase project and project of company division water to transform again in November 2007, had realized papermaking black liquor now 0 discharge. They enter reed end mix into boiler to burn together into coal; After oar broken bits is handled through rework, as the raw material that lays those who produce cheap bumf and corrugated paper; Slag is contracted by company of a cement, regard production as the raw material of cement; Lime broken bits enters middle water to undertake treating useless processing in order to abandon entirely; Dry method gets the materials ready remove dust water and wet get the materials ready those who wash reed water eduction is sedimentary, the development after the part undertakes reforming is become agricultural organic fertilizer. These formed a loop in enterprise interior.

Song Zhimin says: "Circular economy makes the enterprise achieved the energy-saving goal that decrease a platoon not only, course of study of rich lake reed from compelled the brim that shut to be pulled at the outset, still brought rich and generous profit to enterprise itself at the same time. 1 year 2 what will reclaim only partly. 20 thousand tons of caustic soda, create profit 18 million yuan! "

Cling to the 3 treasure big public house of county of city annulus stage is the company that uses land source earlier to heat up pump technology. Hotel Liu manager tells a reporter, local underground water level is lower, hit 80 meters or so to underground to be able to take water, day of commonly used water that is used at guesthouse, water is warm can achieve 40 to 50 Celsius.
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